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We all have big dreams, ours come in the shape of a beach café in this paradise that is located on the shores of the Golfo Dulce.

We take pride in using traditional recipes, creativity, and love to create Aventuras Café in a little slice of heaven called the Pueblo Viejo in Puerto Jimenez.

My name is Marielos, I run the café with my family; Alberto and Laura. I have a strong vision of creating a paradise for travelers and for locals. Since I was a child, I dreamed of living near the sea and with my husband. 30 years ago, we made that dream a reality; since then, we have been dedicated to the Osa Peninsula by promoting sustainable tourism and conservation of this incredible place.

I was born in a coffee-growing region, my indigenous grandmother had plantations of coffee, cacao, and tobacco, and at home she manually processed the beans on the stove and ground them in a manual mill. My father was a local coffee producer who became famous for growing strong and healthy seedlings, highly sought after by other growers.

When I grind fresh coffee, the soft and sweet aroma transports me back to my childhood. I feel the nostalgia of playing among the flowered coffee bushes as a child. Our culinary offerings are simple, healthy, and feature original recipes. We use high-quality ingredients and prepare each dish with great affection and care for our guests.

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We are in the Pueblo Viejo of Puerto Jimenez, a charming neighborhood on the outskirts of town, in front of Playa Las Gaviotas. We are waiting for you with a smile in this quiet place surrounded by bird songs.

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The history of our coffee…

Buen Día Gourmet coffee is produced by Coope Tarrazú, which is a cooperative of coffee growers that processes and sells sustainably produced coffee in Los Santos, an area known worldwide for growing award-winning coffee. Coope Tarrazú has several certifications, thanks to its good social and environmental practices.

We serve Buen Día Gourmet coffee because it is made with top quality beans, selected in the harvest center, of a 100% Arabica variety. It is harvested at altitudes ranging between 1400 and 1700 meters above sea level. Its flavor offers hints of dark chocolate and caramel, with a delightful gingerbread flavor in the aftertaste. The cup is balanced and consistent, with a pleasant acidity and with a medium body.

We serve traditional coffee in bandola, this Costa Rican method of extraction is inspired by the traditional method of coffee chorreado. It carries a Pre-Columbian art design, is handmade and is visually striking.

Gabriel Céspedes, two-time World Cup Tasters champion, believes that “the aroma stands out and lasts much longer, the acidity is delicate but bright and the body is light. The flavors are much more delicate.”

Café Negro / Black Coffee
Café Negro / Black Coffee